Why does the quarterback get all the credit? (Explained)

I’ll be explaining why does the quarterback get all the credit.

Why does the quarterback get all the credit?

They seem to get all the credit because they manage both the offense and the defense.

Shannon Sharpe’s perspective

Shannon Sharpe on his show Undisputed proposed a theory verbatim in where fans praise QBs that take more risks than others.

The problem that most fans have with the idea is that stats may be fluffed up when talking quarterbacks, because of hand offs.

Specifically speaking, the argument comes from looking at what got the win for the team as a whole.

That, and accuracy.

The example was if one quarterback has the same completed passes as another but more interceptions, is it better than the other?

Let’s put it in better perspective.

The other quarterback in question has more losses, but a higher pass to interception ratio.

The point is that there could be more to a win that a quarterback gets credit for, that could be credited to a running back.

The NFL rules for QBs

When we look at the way the rules are designed for an NFL game, we could easily see that they’re made to protect QBs.

There’s a quarterback rule in where there’s a big penalty in the game where if you use excessive action on a QB, off a pass.

This rule is also known as roughing the passer.

This is a highly controversial penalty seeing as how it can dramatically sway the momentum of a game one way or another.

Every year they’re known for making tweaks to their rules, but this one seems to be an ongoing issue.

There’s discussion being made about making a change to this rule going into the 2023-2024 season, but we’ll see.

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