What type of social media is Youtube? (5 points Explained)

Today I’ll be answering what type of social media is youtube.

What type of social media is Youtube?

Out of the four different types of social media, YouTube is a platform that’s famously known as a video sharing site. It holds plenty of qualities that make it easily identifiable as a social media platform. Matter of fact, it’s pretty useful for businesses of all sizes. The trick is to manage your content properly.

Is YouTube Social Media?


It qualifies as social media because it allows it’s users to share text, video, pictures and audio amongst each other.

Most social media sites also include an app of some sort to make it mobile friendly.

They’re usually available on either phones, tablets or internet friendly devices.

The goal of these apps are to share ideas and thoughts with your friends, family, or even potential customers.

It stands for communication, community, and content, the three Cs.

It’s important to mention that there’s always an interactive component that makes it different from other forms of media.

The 4 types of Social Media

Networking sites, communication sites, video-sharing sites, and social discussion sites all are different types of social media.

Networking sites allow a user to create a profile and interact with other users behind a screen name.

Communication sites are intended to allow it’s users to broadcast a message to a large audience.

Video-Sharing sites are straightforward, a site that’s dedicated to communicating your message, whatever it is, through video.

And social discussion is mainly text, commonly seen on sites such as Quora and Reddit.

How does it apply to YouTube?

Because of it’s interactiveness, free content, made by it’s users, sense of community and ads, it qualifies YouTube.

YouTube has been as interactive as ever with many different features encouraging engagement amongst it’s users.

Commenting, liking, sharing, and live capabilities are a few to name.

The free aspect makes it as social as possible because anybody can join the platform, regardless of how much money they have.

Next is the togetherness it promotes by being an active user.

When you join and are an active creator you’re known as a YouTuber.

And lastly are the ads.

They’re what makes YouTube free and allow the creators who drive traffic to their site to get paid.

Applying it to your business

If you want to utilize the video based platform for your own business, there are some tips you can use that we’ll share.

First is to actually create an account and center it around a name that you want known.

From there, start creating content that fills an audience’s need.

Everything that you create should be catered to what your audience would like to see, but have fun with it.

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s deciding to have a name online is less about yourself and more about the people you want to help.

The journey is developing creative ways for your audience to see your content and simplify it in a way they’ll understand best.

Managing YouTube Content

A content creator’s lifestyle is mostly made up of managing content, and if you want help with it, join our free Facebook group.

It’s nothing special, but it’s valuable information that’s put on an informal platform to help you reach your goals.

Management is a skill that’s important at any level, it’s up there with organization, and as they say, automation is key.

If you join and have all the intentions to learn a new skill, you will indeed do that.

You’ll get all related content such as this post that will help you to use social media to your advantage.

What are you waiting for?

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