Why is Monster Reborn banned? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering why is Monster Reborn banned?

Why is Monster Reborn banned?

Monster Reborn was banned at first in October of 2004, but was taken off shortly after. So as of now, it’s available to be used in your deck.

A pattern of “hate.”

Monster Reborn was a card that frustrated many players because it seemed to be on the banned list and taken off every other year.

With that said, although it’s unbanned, it is still on a limited list, meaning there can only be one in each deck.

That does communicate that the card may have a lopsided advantage for the owner.

The main argument is that it has a cost less, and overpowered benefit in being able to revive a card from either graveyard.

And plus you can do it without having to tribute any monsters for the card chosen.

So for example, you can Special Summon any monster you can think of unless it has specific restrictions against it.

Final Thoughts

This video is a little dated, but still speaks on the history of it being banned pretty well.


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