Can Fusion Deployment summon from Extra Deck? (Answered)

I’ll be answering can Fusion Deployment summon from Extra Deck.

This is a card I keep in most of my built decks in Yugioh Master Duel.

I find it very useful, and am sure that it can help other fusion preferred duelists, same as me.

Can Fusion Deployment summon from Extra Deck?

Yes. The card is typically found in Cyber Strike decks, Tin of Ancient Battles decks, and Eternity Codes. It works pretty well in relation with the following cards as well:

  • Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon
  • Cyberdark Inferno
  • Evil Mind
  • Fluffal Dolphin
  • Frightfur Factory
  • Gem-Knight Quartz
  • Keeper of Dragon Magic
  • Predaplant Chimerafflesia
  • Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra
  • Predaplant Verte Anaconda
  • Supreme King Gate Zero
  • Synchro Fusionist
  • Xtra HERO Wonder Driver

Cyber Strike Decks

The Cyber Strike Structure Deck is the first of three that includes Fusion Deployment.

This is actually a personal favorite of mine.

I’ve used this deck many times and I’m a big fan of the way it performs.

Obviously it’s filled with Cyberdark monsters, and when you add a stacked stack of Cyber Dragons, it’s incredibly powerful.

Tin of Ancient Battles

The Tin of Ancient Battles has one of the most creative and unique booster boxes that includes Fusion Deployment.

Let’s first talk about the design of the metallic box.

It’s one of the shiniest designs made for the Yugioh card franchise since the millennium puzzle, from what I can remember.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought the physical cards, but I’ve been playing the digital card games for a while now.

Eternity Code

Eternity code is shown to have cards with likes of Access Codes, link monsters.

These eternity cards are something else, I’ll tell ya.

I’ve played plenty of duelists in Duel Monsters and they seem to like this set of cards a lot.

They have a particular card in Access Code that can gain mad attack power and attack twice!

Related Cards

As mentioned before, there are cards that go really well with this card, and are usually found in decks that have this one as well.

Let’s take a look at them.

Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon

This card is typically found with Fallen of Albaz cards, and is a fusion-type monster.

Cyberdark Inferno

Cyberdark inferno is a field spell goes really well with the Cyberdark archetype, obviously.

Evil Mind

Evil mind is a Elemental Hero specific card that promotes the action of a fusion.

Fluffal Dolphin

Fluffal Dolphin is another fusion specific card that works really well with the card in discussion.

Frightfur Factory

This card is yet another that encourages a fusion, with the removal of a polymerization or card that has “fusion” in it.

Gem-Knight Quartz

Gem-Knight Quartz is an archetype that’s made of links and fusions, which likewise works great with a Fusion Deployment.

Keeper of Dragon Magic

This card has an effect that’s a personal favorite of mine, getting a fusion card by simply discarding 1 card after a summon.

Predaplant Chimerafflesia

Obviously we’ll see where most fusion cards will be complimented greatly with the effects of a Fusion Deployment.

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