What’s causing my games to sometimes exit to the homescreen? (Explained)

I’ll be answering, “what’s causing my games to sometimes exit to the homescreen?”

What’s causing my games to sometimes exit to the homescreen?

The main reason that you would expect your phone to suddenly exit to the home-screen while playing a game, is because of Kernel. It’s a frustrating thing that many users of phones, specifically android phones, experience. It’s interesting to see happen, because if it gets too out of hand with the developers, it could lead to some undesired consequences.


Kernel is the android version of iOS with the iPhone.

On top of the random exits to the home screen from playing games, there’s also issues of booting up in general.

These problems are universal in all forms of tech with computer programs that come installed already.

I actually answered a similar question when talking about MacBook Pro startup issues, mostly which had program issues.

Check it out.

However with Kernel, when you have its firmware downloaded, it sets the tone for how your apps operate.

Frustrates the modern user

My prediction on the matter

Is your phone an android?

This is a question you’ll want to answer first, only because this specific issue seems to be happening often with that type of phone.

However, as long as you have a device that has a firmware of 4.14 or higher than you should be fine.

The Kernel is the cpu that’s put into the phone’s mainframe.

So what should be assumed is that the highest version will serve you best if you’re someone that uses their phone for gaming.

You can find android phones at a reasonable price that comes installed with the latest version of Kernel.

You can find them by clicking here.

Phone network issue

You could also be going through an internal issue with your phone with where it’s the actual company, and restarting it could help.

Incompatible with the system

This problem is actually really common with androids, but it happens occasionally with iPhones as well.

Update the apps

Updates are always made with improvements in mind about making the app better, that includes crashes.

Final thoughts

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