Why does Yugi yell yugioh? (The REAL reason)

I’ll be answering why does Yugi yell Yugioh.

Why does Yugi yell yugioh?

Yugi Motu has possession of a powerful ancient item called the Millennium Puzzle. In this puzzle, there lives a powerfully ancient ruler called Pharaoh Atem. Yugi yells the phrase Yugioh because when he does, he summons the pharaoh to help him win the game of his choice.

The real king of games

Yugi Motou received an item called the millennium puzzle that has the soul of a game master called Pharaoh Atem in it.

It’s revealed that his name directly translates to king of games.

When Yugi first got his puzzle, he would have his consciousness taken over by this ruler who would come if he’s in a tight spot.

From there, Yugi understands what he really has possession of and uses the name as a summoning phrase, if you will.

This video explains pretty well about the relationship between Yugi and the Pharoah, but stop watching after 2 minutes in.

The rest would be filled with spoilers if you continue on.

Final thoughts

It’s simply a summoning chant meant to bring forth the real king of games.

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