Why does black clothing absorb heat? (3 points explained)

I’ll be answering why does black clothing absorb heat.

Why does black clothing absorb heat?

It’s because black absorbs sun rays. Black absorbs all wavelengths of light and turns it into heat. White’s cooler because it actually reflects UV rays, being a brighter color. Some even ask why Bedouins wear black during hot weather, and it’s because the heat intake’s the same. But when looking at temperatures of color in general, red is actually the warmest because it’s at 0 degrees.

White does the opposite

White clothing reflects white colors, should go without saying.

However, it works the same on the inside as well, so if your body is hot, the heat bounces off your clothes, back to your skin.

These are things to consider when wearing white clothes during the summer.

But again, the heat issue applies if you were already hot.

So if you were trying to trap body heat intentionally, it would be best to wear black clothing, instead of white.

Desert clothing

The Bedouin people commonly make their clothing out of the wool and skin from their camels or sheep.

Red’s the warmest

Red is known as a warm color that tends to remind you warm things, such as fire and anger.

And from a physical perspective, it’s associated with low energy, and ranges to blue on the opposite end of the spectrum.

In flames, blue are undeniably the hottest, followed by white, and finally red.

Since it’s a darker color that’s closer to black than white, it’s going to be warmer than most colors.

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