Why does black clothing attract hair? (2 points explained)

I’ll be explaining why does black clothing attract hair.

Why does black clothing attract hair?

They all attract hairs, the only difference is that it’s more noticeable on black. The perception of color makes a difference because of the way it contrasts against different textures. Black clothing has been known to attract tsetse flies as well.

Perception of color

Color is a symbol that’s interpreted differently, depending on multiple factors, ranging from age, race and other things.

Tsetse flies

I found out about a dangerous breed of fly called tsetse.

On top of them being found on black, they’re also commonly seen on blue clothing as well.

But “why are tsetse flies attracted to blue” I asked myself.

I assumed it went back to my previous post on clothing that’s black.

That the closer you get to one color, the closer the benefits, in this case a headache.

It was close, but the specific reason is because they like shadowy sites to lay potential eggs on.

Final thoughts

If you want tips about getting lint off your clothes if this is the actual case, check this out.

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