Why does black clothing attract lint? (5 points discussed)

I’ll be explaining why does black clothing attract lint.

Why does black clothing attract lint?

This is an issue that happens to me, mainly when the water filter’s clogged. But lint can pile up on any fabric, not just black clothing. The best way to prevent this issue is to just wash your clothes inside-out. But, if you already have the lint on your clothes, it’ll be safe to use a lint roller or sticky tape to get it off. You can also fix the problem by rewashing, or re-drying your clothes too.

What is lint?

Lint is the visible fabric or texture that usually comes from clothing.

Why do my black clothes have so much lint?

I think it may happen from washing my clothes with a clogged water pump filter.

How to prevent lint from clothes?

One of the best ways to prevent lint from piling up on your clothing is to wash and dry inside-out.

Removing lint from clothes

The best way to remove lint from your clothes is to use a lint roller, or picking it off with sticky tape that’s applied on your hand.

Rewash or re-dry clothes?

Sometimes, rewashing your clothes, or even re-drying can do the trick, when getting lint off your fabric.

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