Why does chucky have stitches on his face? (The REAL explanation)

I’ll be explaining why Chucky has stitches on his face.

Why does chucky have stitches on his face?

Tiffany used stitches to put him back together after the events of Child’s Play 3. The iconic look of Chucky having a stitched up face stuck with him until the last movie, kinda. However, it’s totally restarted when we reach the Chucky tv series.

Chucky’s stitched up look

Chucky began having a face full of stitches at the start of Bride of Chucky.

Bride of Chucky

Thanks to his girlfriend at the time, Tiffany, she gathered his remaining parts, sewed them up and performed his voodoo chant.

It was this movie that was the start, and since then he kept his stitched up face until the beginning of Cult of Chucky.

We learn he splits up his soul, and Andy kept his severed head, most likely from the end of Seed.

But after Chucky splits his soul up, it’s put into other dolls that were finished without blemishes.

It also continues into Season 1 of Chucky as well.

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