Can you normal summon and synchro summon in the same turn? (The REAL answer)

I’ll be answering if you can normal summon and synchro summon in the same turn.

Can you normal summon and synchro summon in the same turn?

You can perform a special summon on top of a normal summon, the same applies to 3 other types of special summons you can do.

  • XYZ monsters
  • Fusion monsters
  • Link monsters

The only main requirement that has to be satisfied in order to perform this Summon is a tuner, with a non-tuner as well.

Depending on the amount of tuners necessary to summon some Synchros, you may need more than one.

XYZ Summoning

According to Reset Era, XYZs were first introduced worldwide in 2011, when YuGiOh Zexal launched.

An XYZ summon is very similar to a Synchro Summon, the only difference is the demand for tuners with Synchros.

Synchro summons as you should be able to tell, always has the requirement to have a tuner with a non tuner in order to conduct.

XYZs usually focus more on the need to have matching star levels in order to summon.

The most I’ve witnessed to do an XYZ is to have 4 monsters, but you’ll still get some powerful summons from 2.

Also, depending on archetype of your monster, it may have an additional effect for having a special card that compliments it.

The point is to be aware of your materials when performing an XYZ summon.

Same as Fusion summons

You might’ve came across an older post I did on Fusion Deployment, and using it to make special summons.

If you haven’t, here it is.

The point of sharing is the fact that understanding what type summons you’re doing makes a difference in your move.

Basic yugioh 101, a fusion summon will always be a special summon, however we get multiple ways to perform it.

An example is if you were to use a Polymerization to summon a fusion monster from your extra.

Again, that’s only one of many different ways to conduct a fusion summon.

Link monsters too

Link monsters are yet another type of special summon that can occur without the need of a spell card.

The demands to satisfy this card’s requirement is usually dependent on the type or archetype of the monster.

You’ll notice that Links have arrows that point down or in the direction of any square on the field, depending on its location.

If you have the right card, it can use an another effect that could impact the power of your deck.

There’s specific cards that work best with others.

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