Can airport scanners damage digital cameras? (The REAL reason explained)

I’ll be answering if airport scanners can damage digital cameras.

Can airport scanners damage digital cameras?

They’ll be safe under X-Rays. The only thing that could possibly be affected with the ultralight in the scanner would be the Memory card, if anything. The modern digital cameras that are still in production are generally safer and more durable than ever.

Memory cards

The memory cards have been known to give digital camera users the most trouble, and they’re usually a case of mistreatment. Film however, has had a different effect. There’s been plenty of problems reported with photographers that happen to use film with their equipment.

  • Physical damages
  • File system corruption
  • Virus
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Improper removal of memory card
  • Bad sectors (on SD Card)
  • Improper removal of SD card

Those are all of the main reasons you would usually have issues with your camera.

Film Camera

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