Why does Apple slow down iPhones? (The REAL reason explained)

I’ll be explaining why Apple slows down iPhones.

Why does Apple slow down iPhones?

There’s a few different reasons why iPhones seem to get slower as a new phone gets released by Apple. There’s the concern that you should first make as a user that you have a capable phone that’s compatible with new iOS firmware. However, a big reason as to why you may find your phone running slower is the durability of the battery.

Why do old phones seem slower?

Older phones run slower as new versions of iOS gets released.

Do phones intentionally get slowed

Yes, plain and simply put, iPhones do in fact get slower because of a hit that the battery commonly takes with frequent use.

What to do about it?

Monitoring your battery’s use is a great way to start being responsible with the life and speed of your iPhone.

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