Is stoddard solvent same as mineral spirits? (The REAL answer)

I’ll be answering if stoddard solvent is the same as mineral spirits.

Mineral spirits are organic solvents in nature that are used to clean equipments and thin paint.

Thomas Jennings was the inventor of the dry cleaning service.

A place that notoriously keep this substance on hand for business.

Is stoddard solvent same as mineral spirits?

It’s a form of it, but it doesn’t work the other way around.

On top of stoddard solvent being a form of mineral spirits, it also is a form of naphtha and wine spirits.

It works best with removal of oil and alkyd, for paintings.


Naphtha is used as a solvent for paint and other similar substances.

Mineral spirits

These as well as traditional paint thinners can be used for paint removal.

Oil removal

Stoddard’s Solvent is widely used as a point thinner, and it’s important to note that most paints are becoming oil based.

What this type of solvent would be used for is directly in a fabric repairing sector.

It’s used without chlorine to make it safe for use on clothes.

A breakdown of the chemical makeup of this solution can be found here on the SCRT page.


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