Is movie Wrong Turn based on true story? (4 talking points w/ review)

I’ll be answering if the movie Wrong Turn is based on a true story.

Is movie Wrong Turn based on true story

Yeah, it actually is loosely based on a Scottish legend, Sawney Beene.

There’s been stories that fantasized him as being a cannibal.

So we can at least say that the film is inspired by what we as a society believed was a real event.

All in all the movie has a mixed set of reviews that could either inspire you to want to see it, or be skeptical at the very least.

The Sawney Beene Story

There’s been challenges presented that questioned the validity of the person that supposedly inspired this movie.

The archeology has been asked for by concerned listeners of this story, but experts says it’s not necessary because it’s real.

And what I found to be pretty interesting was the fact that he was accompanied with 48 other people as well.

Of course you’ll have further in depth deep dives on this topic from the likes of BBC Scotland documentary, and it’s informative.

But it’s too hard to for sure confirm if the story about Sweeney’s true.

Sweeney’s Cave

There’s a cave that’s located somewhere near the place he lived, but it’s incredibly difficult to find a picture on the internet.

The only thing that fans of the tale agree about the cave being somewhere in Ayrshire.

Hills have eyes inspired

If you’ve noticed in the film The Hills Have Eyes, it has a similar concept to Wrong Turn, but has some noticeable differences as well.

But did you know that Sweeney Berne’s story was also the inspiration for this movie too?

That’s just another reason why I would think that there’s some truth to this story.

Questioned For proof

The last big challenge that skeptics pose to the authenticity of the story is that other famous bandits have pictures of locations.

It’s been noted that there’s pictures of oak forests that proved to be the spot where Robin Hood hanged at.

Even the landing spot of the highly popular Camelot has pictures, but this cave is a real mystery.

Mixed Reviews

Although there are some critics that think this movie misses on the horror mark, I think the first film has enough to be fresh.

The reoccurring issue with it and I share the sentiment is that the sequels seem way too similar to the original.

There’s quite a few, but the original is the best.

Final Thoughts

Sweeney Berne’s story has an impactful addition to making the movie good enough to talk about, but what do you think?

Leave a comment below if you’ve seen and want to contribute to a healthy discussion about the legend.

You can also leave a suggestion for a movie you’d like to see critiqued.

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