Why are movies entertaining? (Explained & 5 FAQs)

After being inspired to bring light to entertainment in general, movies were an incredibly important piece to recognize too.

If you have a tv, chances are that you’ve seen a movie before, or even have a favorite one that’s your “go to.”

But let’s get into it.

Why are movies entertaining?

Movies are so entertaining because there’s one for everyone out there. There’s numerous genres that’s made for every kind of individual. They all invoke different emotions, but overall we watch movies to get a happy feeling. Or at least to be happier than what we were just feeling before.

It’s one for everyone

With movies being introduced as early as the late 1890s, it allowed different genres to develop as a result.

There’s over 20 different types, and every movie genre ever are as followed:

  • Action
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Science Fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Western
  • Thriller
  • Documentary
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Film noir
  • Crime
  • War
  • Mystery
  • Animation
  • Romantic comedy
  • Experimental
  • Fiction
  • Dark Comedy
  • Action/Adventure
  • Spy
  • Superhero
  • Musical

I’ve been gaining notoriety for speaking mainly on horror movies, but I’m actually more versatile than what I’m displaying.

This actually further diversifies the ways we can be entertained as a society.

That’s actually the beauty of entertainment, there’s more than one way to do it, but it all brings movie watchers into a community.

Creates a feeling of happiness

I actually created a decent discussion on the topic of entertainment, and it’s relationship with movies came into play.

They’re actually a great combatant to fighting depression because of the access to different emotions we get as the viewers.

It helps us as watchers feel less isolated in a very territorial world.

In effect, it helps people detach from a world of different problems.

But from a story standpoint, it allows us to bond with a character, or multiple ones that we want to do well or fail in life.

It’s interesting, because it removes the need to be in front of another to person to still make a connection.

Entertaining Movie FAQs

What makes a movie interesting?

The formula to make an interesting movie is having an engaging story with characters that tell the truth about human experiences.

Are movies only entertaining?

Movies can do more than just entertain though, they can do numerous things.

They can inform, educate, inspire thoughts or send a message, if it’s a good one.

What make a movie interesting?

There’s a roadmap to making an interesting story that’s actually similar to storytelling in writing, it’s:

  • Having an introduction
  • Cultural impact
  • Technical innovation
  • Creative synergy
  • Suspending disbelief
  • Casting
  • Strong conclusion

Creating great movies is highly dependent on screen writing, because it’s the framework of bringing the vision to life.

Why do movies make us happy?

The escape from reality is what makes us as viewers happy.

Again, strong storytelling is what keeps us interested, and ultimately happy.

It’s the same way that a book would draw a reader in and have them continue reading.

Why do movies matter to us?

You get strong “stans” that feel particularly passionate about their movies because of what they do for us.

They speak to our dreams and desires.

They bring light to messages that should be displayed.

And provide representation to audiences that feel isolated.

Final Thoughts

Movies are an expansion of many different stories that all have the same goal, to make us happier.

They’ve been a big part of my childhood growing up, and helped shape reality (or lack of) for me.

I’m probably less passionate compared to other serious-hardcore movie fanatics, but the films I do like I can talk about.

I’m hoping to get some suggestions as to what movies I should watch, and maybe have a fun discussion about.

Leave a comment if there’s a movie you would like me to talk about.

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