How does music unite us? (The REAL explanation & 5 answered FAQs)

We all like music.

We never really ask why, but we just do.

Some of us have made the best of friends as a result of liking the same music.

But how does it unite us?

Let’s look into it.

How does music unite us?

Music brings us together from having a sensation that converts the logical to the emotional aspects of life. That’s only a mere focused point because overall, music helps identifies similarities with the other fans of the art. It can be shown through experiences, feelings or even thought patterns.

A drop from head level to heart

Sounds in general have been linked to the heart.

When talking music, you first hear and process what’s said in your head, to the point you feel what the artist says.

Engagement from similarities

The beauty of similarities that we share as music fans is the limitless possibilities that come as a result of life experiences.

For example, you may have played an instrument before and appreciate a solo.

But here’s the twist, the person you’re listening to that song with played that same instrument and likes it just as much as you.

You think that could be the start to a good friendship?

I think it’s at least possible.

Music Uniting FAQs

How does music unite people all over the world?

To put it best, music unites people from all across the world thanks to the opportunity to introduce culture to another.

How does music inspire people?

Music can inspire people to do tough tasks.

It helps to focus, raise morale, and just genuinely make you feel happier, one of the ultimate forms of entertainment.

How does music give us identity?

It’s because of the experiences that get in a lifetime can be summed up effectively on a simple song, and with that we relate.

Why music is so powerful?

Music is so powerful from the physical effects it has on the body, to even the emotional.

It controls blood flow to the brain that impacts our emotions.

A big reason as to why the music can impact our emotions so effectively is through the past experiences we have.

Those moments can have a significant meaning in our life which helps us to appreciate our music that much more.

It also has the bragging right of being able to have the most impact on the brain than any other human function possible.

Why is music important in our life?

The importance comes from chasing emotions.

With so much different music available, there’s so many different feelings we could experience.

And in pursuing the chase of whatever feeling we had at a certain moment in time, that’s where music comes in.

It brings us to that point in the past.

Final Thoughts

Music is a powerful thing that can unite the world through a couple simple ways:

  • Takes understanding from the head to the heart
  • Connects through similar experiences

One of my favorite videos that an environmental science teacher I had in high school shared this video with the class:

I think it compliments the message pretty well, and shows how a melody can travel all across the globe off one song!

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