What makes sports unique? (3 reasons explained & FAQ section)

Sports are one of the greatest things that’s happened to civilized society.

I’ve been apart of it for as long as I could remember.

Soccer, teeball, basketball, wrestling.

Even golf.

I probably did it because I liked P.E.

But in my young adulthood, I’m constantly reminded in different ways how sports was a great thing that happened for me.

I’m sure there’s other people that feel the same way, but might have trouble expressing it in a way that’s satisfying.

So I’m gonna attempt to do it.

Let’s look at what makes sports unique.

What makes sports unique?

The development of passion is what makes it different from most activities. You develop an association with the teams that make the league. The competition that takes place to show who was more prepared for showtime. Even the athletes create an experience that makes sports different from anything else that’s close to comparison.


Teams in sports promote a social interaction amongst a group of individuals that have to think for the greater good of the union.


The competition aspect of sports make it equally as interesting as the togetherness it promotes.

You get teams that challenge other competitors to see which program is more disciplined in the qualities it takes to win.


The athletes make the sports just as fun to watch for the viewers because of the role model aspect they bring to the game.

They become a public figure that becomes as interesting on the internet, or a simple trip to the store as on their normal field of play.

Sports FAQ

How sports bring us together?

Sports bring us together because they give the fans a sense of community, them, as well as the athletes.

What makes sports so entertaining?

Sports is entertaining because it invokes arousal amongst everyone involved.

There’s an emotional attachment that comes with the activity and a sense of belonging.

There’s something that feels good about watching competitive participants trying their best at a challenging activity.

What are the values of sports?

There’s actually quite a few values that are taught through sports, they’re:

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship
  • Leadership
  • Inclusion
  • Honesty
  • Discipline

These values are essentially the qualities that makes sports what they are.

That’s the reason we have coaches, the reason we have refs, and even the reason athletes have fans.

What sports teach us about life?

There’s a reason why most schools offer a sports program, especially when considering the life lessons it teaches us.

There’s actually quite a few things it teaches us, and they’re as followed:

  • Commitment
  • Self-discipline
  • Mental toughness
  • Ability to work with others
  • Teamwork
  • The balance of fear and failure
  • Resiliency
  • Goal setting

These are the universal experiences that athletes of different representation get when joining a program.

How sports can change the world?

It’s a reoccurring theme when you look at what sports do, but to sum it up effectively, it’s the ability to bring people together.

Final Thoughts

We like sports because of the team aspect of the activity.

We like the competitive aspect that keeps us on the edge of our seat trying to guess who the winner’s gonna be.

And finally, the athletes are what make a difference on the perception of the sport.

Personal people are easier to get behind and support whatever they do.

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