Why is eating while watching tv bad? (The REAL reason & 4 FAQs answered)

I’ll be answering why eating while watching TV is bad.

Why is eating while watching tv bad?

Watching tv while eating can be bad because it can lead to a phenomenon called distracted eating. It’s often done in combination with a mindless task or even a low productive one. It can be a form of coping that’s done to make yourself feel less bad about whatever you’re feeling at the moment.

Distracted eating

Distracted eating is a planned meal usually that occurs during the middle of an activity, something such as checking your phone.

Eating while watching tv FAQs

Why do people watch TV while eating?

It’s believed that people often feel that if they’re enjoying their food that it’s a guilty pleasure, and feel bad about it.

So to fight that feeling, it’s often done while watching tv to distract themselves.

What is fog eating?

Fog eating is eating way more than you need to be eating, often it’s done without even being genuinely hungry.

What is joy eating?

This is simply eating junk foods without having any nutritional value in mind, other words eating purely for pleasure.

What is Flex eating?

Flex eating is a form of dieting that came from a popular weight loss program, based off the idea you can eat whatever you want.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I do think you can watch a program or whatever and still eat in an enjoyable way.

Just be aware.

You’re going to want to know if you’re worried or any feeling associated with bad before doing it.

Only because you could be making whatever you’re feeling worse.

There is a reasonable balance that you could practice in a world that’s changing the standard constantly on what’s acceptable.

But what do you think?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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