Is there an anime community? (The REAL explanation)

I’ve been a fan for anything relating to hand to hand combat, and thankfully found anime.

If you’ve checked my about me page, you’ll get a better detail of how I feel about the subject in general.

Funny story, I actually have a song in the vault that gives a pretty decent ode to anime in general, maybe I’ll add to the project.

But let’s move on.

I took a second look at my Hellsing mangas and remembered the joy I got from getting them after discovering the anime.

When I wanted to find other people who liked the same ones I do, it made it hard to do so because of the lack of representation.

But I’ll be answering if there is an anime community for real fans.

Is there an anime community?

Anime & Manga forum are otherwise known as fan communities where die yards can connect to speak about projects they love. If you come here with a anime or manga that you personally enjoy and want to talk about, this can be the place for you to do it.

Come here for discussion

Real Talk Community is supposed to be a safe haven for everybody that likes anime and manga.

Hopefully it leads to some great discussions, maybe a few respectful debates and give great insights to interesting art.

I’ll be honest, the last manga that I bought was Hellsing.


It works perfectly for me to engage with this project because it’s considered an action and horror story.

If you’ve been following what I’ve been talking about lately, it’s been horror movies.

I also have an interest in some Japanese cultures, so it’s a win-win, for me.

Just kidding, it’s for everybody, but it’s pretty interesting to say the least.

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