Why do I dream about work after retirement? (The REAL reason explained)

I’ll be explaining why you may dream about work after retirement.

Why do I dream about work after retirement?

There’s people that dream about work after retirement because of unresolved conflict that they may have when they left their place of employment. Everybody’s situation can be different, but the feelings once you want to return are a cycle that repeats, similar to regretful breakup.

Unresolved conflict

A lot of people who retire without having a plan of exit have an urge to return back, mainly because of unexpected feelings.

It’s very similar to a break up, where there’s supposed to be five stages that make up an exit to retirement:

  • Realization
  • Honeymoon period
  • Disenchantment
  • Reorientation
  • Stability

However you take it, it still equates to a reoccurring cycle.

You might miss the feeling that going to work gave you.

You might even be bored when you quit, or just want the peace of mind of being managed as part of a team.

Should you go back to work after retirement?

You should consider going back to work only if you left your job without a retirement plan.

So this plan is just something along the lines of having an idea of how you’ll spend all this free time you’ll have.

Either way, it might be wise to have a side hustle of some sort to stay engaged with daily life.

Matter of fact, a side hustle that follows after your traditional 9-5 is commonly called The New Retirement.

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Work after retirement FAQs

Is it worth working past retirement age?

It depends on how much money you’re retiring with when you do, but it can be agreed that it earns you more money.

If you’re interested in finance, you’ll have more money to play around with.

This extra money that you earn will allow you to do things, such as have better traveling experiences, or luxury toys.

Are retired people happier than working people?

It may be a surprise, but most people who are retired, have less fun and are closer to a depressive state than someone working.

What does the average retired person do all day?

The average person that’s retired, is usually spending most of their time throughout the day working on projects.

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