Why do pandas only eat bamboo? (The REAL reason explained)

I’ll be answering why pandas only eat bamboo.

Why do pandas only eat bamboo?

It’s actually the nutrition value it holds. There’s numerous benefits that it has to nourish pandas. Specifically, it holds the following:

  • High source of protein
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Carbohydrates
  • Low fat

The bamboo is a great thing for the pandas, but they have been facing an issue that could lead to their extinction.

Nutritional value

Bamboo has a high content of protein, amino acids, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates and low fat.

Raw bamboo has a protein amount of over 3.9 grams for every cup.

As for bamboo shoots, they have a very rich amount of amino acids.

Matter of fact, out of the 17 amino acids present in bamboo, 8 of them are actually essential for the human body.

Even when talking about the mineral count, it has plenty of different ones.

It has an impressive checklist of potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

As for the fiber count in bamboo shorts, they have 3.3 grams worth for every cup provided.

The carbohydrate count has the most concentrated in a cup, having over 8 grams worth.

And finally the low fat.

It’s high amount of fiber and phytosterols help reduce the fat, thus making it have such a low count.

The problem with Bamboo for Pandas

Although bamboo is the preferred meal for pandas, they’ve experienced a severe decline in habitat that holds bamboo trees.

To be more specific, you get these areas all throughout Asia that had big beautiful bamboo forests that take years to grow.

But when they die, they never grow back, in fact, there’s been industrial renovations that make sure they never will.

Because Pandas rely on only that as their food source, when it’s gone, they die along with it, bringing them closer to extinction.

You get preservationists that try to capture the pandas and simulate their environment, but it’s still too short of a supply for wildlife.

There’s organizations that’s dedicated to trying to bring the forests back to what they once was, but they need help.

If you want an organization to support in efforts to fight this issue, you can consider making a donation to Pandas International.

As for now, that’s all we can do, but give it a thought if you want to assist in making a change.

Pandas and Bamboo FAQs

Can a panda survive without bamboo?

Bamboo is mainly 99% of a panda’s diet, and without it they’ll most likely starve.

As mentioned before, they get most of their nutritional needs from such a source and it’s the perfect food for them.

They’re herbivores so they mainly eat plants and things related, however, that 1% can consist of some small animals or even eggs.

The bamboo’s the perfect meal source because the lack of competition to obtain it, and it was around in abundance.

They hardly digest the bamboo, but can absorb the protein from the bamboo to give them the strength to function.

Why can’t pandas eat meat?

Pandas seemed to have lost this gene dating back to their earlier days, thanks to its umami taste receptor called Tas1r1.

This would be the gene that would allow them to acquire the taste for meat.

But once it was lost down the bloodline, it led to them being the herbivores that we know today.

Why are pandas not violent?

I initially thought it was because of their herbivorous nature, but that may be a reach.

They’re just solidarity creatures, that if runs into a human will tend to avoid any and all confrontation.

Final Thoughts

Bamboos are the perfect meal for pandas, that’s why they only eat it.

However, their habitat is threatened due to lack of replenishment of the trees they eat.

But what do you think?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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