Why do actors smoke in movies? (The Real Answer)

I’ll be explaining why actors smoke in movies.

This is obviously a post about smoking, so if you’re under 18, you can just exit now to the home page.

This came at a little over 1 in the morning, so it’s adult hours anyways.

“Why do I have Jennifer Tilly in the Bride of Chucky movie on the cover of this post”

That may be a question you asked when seeing the image of this article, well because it makes sense of course!

But this is deeper than about her.

Let’s get to it.

Why do actors smoke in movies?

It’s done to give an accurate look to a character, or scene. What it does specifically is signal sophistication, authenticity and even rebellion. There’s actually some companies that pay the producers of some films to add smoking in their material.

Company Policy

This post is a FAQ from the Movies and TV page.

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