Why Is Human Centipede 2 In Black and White? (explained)

I’ll be explaining why the human centipede 2 is in black and white.

Why Is Human Centipede 2 In Black And White?

Human Centipede 2 is shot completely in black and white because the movie is too gory. There’s scenes that were so brutal and unsettling for viewers that it was decided a story told in black and white would be the only thing to do it justice. These scenes even extended past gory violence to sexual and sexualized violence as well.

Too Much Gore

Human Centipede 2 is indeed a gory film with plenty of scenes that include sexual and even sexualized violence throughout.

There’s so many scenes that expose the brutal fantasy of creating a centipede out of humans taken against their will.

To give you an idea of the gore levels you can expect to see in the film I’ll share a few situations.

A few examples are where throats get slit with knives, hammers to impale victims and people getting shot in the head.

As you could imagine, the gore’s exposed in seeing the violence being committed on screen.

Blood spurt from wounds, slicing (sometimes mutilation) of organs and blunt force trauma being inflicted to victims.

There’s a scene where a woman pulls another man’s pants down and uses a funnel to transfer a centipede into the man’s ass.

Now of course that specific scene is more disgusting as it is gory, but it sets the tone of what to expect when watching this movie.

The most notable was one of the characters raping the human attached to the end of the centipede.

In fact Human Centipede 2 is so controversial because of the scenes mentioned it’s even banned in the UK.

Human Centipede 2 FAQs

Where Can I watch Human Centipede 2 in color?

The entire film across the board is shot in black and white.

On and off with the streaming platforms they choose to add this title to their collection.

It’s been seen on Tubi, The Roku Channel and Prime Video.

However there is some presence of the color brown if you grab the Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence copy on blu-ray.

Human Centipede 2

It’s optional to see this slight change in color, but if you’re more traditional then you’ll prefer hard copies of the media you watch.

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Final Thoughts

So let’s recap on why Human Centipede 2 is shot in black and white.

It’s consistent presence of gore, sexual and sexualized violence needed a touch to tone down the effects.

Grab a copy of this film as well, to support the site and it’s content.

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