Why Making Money Online Is Hard

I’ll be explaining why making money online is hard.

There’s plenty of people that claim it’s their goal to make money online, but few prove to have what it takes to actually do it.

Why is that?

There’s stories that make the news for what seems like everyday where a new influencer is making a full time income online.

Well let’s look into it.

Why Making Money Online Is Hard?

The reason why people find making online to be hard is because they tend to spend too much time thinking about the method. That problem usually stems from a lack of confidence in yourself. Also, it can be an issue with consistency in business.

Final Thoughts

Medium makes the bold, yet true claim that making money online can be stupidly simple if you allow it to be.

For more money making related posts, you can find them on the business page.

12 responses to “Why Making Money Online Is Hard”

  1. well said
    The article does a great job of outlining the various ways to make money online without having to sell anything. It’s a great starting point for anyone looking to get started.

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    1. Chris knows what it is!


  2. -You need to have a good understanding of how to market your product or service.
    -You need to have a product or service that is unique, and not just a copy of another product.
    -You need to find a way to make money from your product or service.
    -There are many ways to make money online, so it will take a lot of hard work, and not just a few lucky guesses.

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    1. Those are all good points!
      Thanks for sharing!


  3. This I believe because all the other posts about making money sound the same and make it seem like its easy.

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    1. Hopefully I’m understood clearly but making money online is more personal development than it is techniques and that change you have to make for yourself is the hard part.

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      1. I hope I get to that point one day.

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      2. Just keep staying active on the site to learn as much as possible 💯

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      3. It gets easier the more I read posts and interact with other bloggers.

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      4. What’s your favorite blog sites? 👀

        This is a big question that’ll have to get answered eventually. 🔑

        I personally prefer @quickprofitformula and @travelbloggingacademy 🔥🔥

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      5. Lifesfinewhine, Renard’s World, MiddleMe, Carol Anne etc, there are so many 🙂


      6. I have just checked out the sites you suggested they seem to have more posts about earning online. I will have a look and study their posts, maybe send emails to ask some questions


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