What are CPR and RPM on a YouTube channel? (5 Talking Points)

Today I’d like to discuss what are CPR and RPM on a YouTube channel.

What are CPR and RPM on a YouTube channel?

CPR stands for cost per reach, and RPM is the revenue generated for every thousand impressions. As for YouTube it means the money you make for advertising your channel. There’s other metrics that’s measured too. CPM, CPC and CTR a few to name. Depending on your country your results will vary. Also, depending on your niche it can affect your CPM.

CPR, CTR, CPC and CPM Explained

Having checked Quora, I found

Understanding RPM

The support page on Google explains

4 Factors That Affect Your YouTube Channel

The influencer marketing hub shares 4 factors that affect your YouTube earnings potential

The Best YouTube Niches with High CPM

The business solution gives you 27 of the best YouTube niches in 2023 with High CPM

CPM, RPM & CPC Rates By Country

The SR Zone and Silver Mouse gives a breakdown of YouTube CPM, RPM and CPC rates in each country for 2023 revealing

Youtube Niches RPM

There’s plenty of profitable niches that can be explored when pursuing a YouTube career.

Drop shipping, Cryptocurrency, Home Repair and even Weight Loss.

The list goes on with topics that gets a YouTube Channel highly popular.

If we look at the affiliate marketing niche for example we’ll find that the average CPM rate is a little over $17 for every 1000 views.

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