Why Is Video Content Important For Social Media? (5 Reasons Explained)

I’ll be explaining why is video content important for social media.

Why Is Video Content Important For Social Media?

Videos have the effect of capturing a viewer’s attention for a relatively long amount of time. Its ability to reach audiences across different platforms is unmatched. And for whatever reason, videos get more exposure when they’re posted on social media. That, as well as engagement.

Video Holds Attention Longer

Sam McFarland of LinkedIn has a take on the importance of video on social media in where it holds attention longer.

She says “When you use video, you have the chance of being concise and grabbing your audience’s attention right away.

And that summed it up effectively.

Optimize Ad Spend

After checking Imagen they share 10 reasons you should

Later talks about its relation to brands

Don’t Panic London explains it’s potential to reach new audiences

Spiceworks defines the activity as video content marketing

What Video Does

After checking Leighton Engage, they claim videos get over 3x the engagement that traditional texts get.

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