Why Are Jordan 1 Lows Hated? (5 Interesting Points)

I’ll be answering why are Jordan 1 lows hated.

I came across the idea of flipping these type of shoes through a membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

But I noticed something.

These type of shoes as compared to the high top versions get way less love, that’s interesting to me.

Why are Jordan 1 lows hated?

Sneaker-heads hate Jordan 1 lows because of their limited space of a canvas for a vivid color contrast, also playing a role in their low resale value. It actually inherited the same problems that people had with the mids as well. Even the NBA played a role in the negative view of the mid sneakers. But there are versions that are liked. Jordan 11’s for example.

Vivid Color Contrast on Small Surface

A user on Reddit expressed their opinion on the shoe saying because of it’s limited canvas it’s vivid color contrast “takes away from the OG feel.”

With many different color schemes that apply to the shoe, it only allows so much of the design to actually be seen on the lows.

The 1s been released for a while now, but since the mid 2021 up to now their cut’s been emphasized heavily.

The first area of a difference that’s been getting pointed out recently is at the lace holes.

With only 6 holes in the lows, as compared to 8 and 9 for the mids and highs respectively it really turns fanatics of the shoe off a lot.

The higher the shoe reaches and more space it provides allow the person wearing it more area to show off to others.

Your ankle’s exposure is the thing that’s dependent on the size of this sneakers.

It’s obviously at it’s highest the higher the build you opt for is.

You’re gonna care about this the more you appreciate a show that covers as much as possible or as little as possible of your lower legs.

Inherits The Same Issue With Mids

Wearably Weird and Dribble Media pointed out a few problems that most fans experience with the mid top version of the Jordan 1s.

It comes across as if the lows (as well as the mids) are the shoes you get when you’re merely settling for a pair of 1s.

The high tops apparently has the reputation of being made with stronger materials although the other two are cheaper.

But there’s still more differences that can be a dealbreaker for fans, such as the logo designs.

And when you take that into consideration, it’s as if you’re choosing between a completely different shoe.

It’s easy to see why there’s less of a hype for mids and below when they get a release date.

This also plays a role in having a lower resale value for people who like to buy this brand of shoe to only turn right back around and sell online.

Air Jordan 11 Does Well

As mentioned earlier, although there’s a see dislike for the low top Jordan 1s, there does still seem to be a big appreciation for Jordan 11s.

It’s easy to tell that fans would still support such a shoe when it has the reputation of being comfortable enough to wear all day.

The only complaints that I’ve found is the issue with it being a breathable shoe.

That can be a big problem if you worry about your feet stinking after wearing them all day.

But let’s say stinky feet’s the least of your problems, you’re good then.

I can appreciate a good analogy when comparing products that I may want to buy, and on Sccchallenge they describe the shoe as only “wearing a sock.”

It may have something to do with another reputation it earned itself, specifically in having state-of-the-art cushion set up.

Obviously that leads to maximum comfort and makes it one of the most practical shoes to wear in terms of function.

Sure you’re probably trading some of the attractive features such as design when you’re buying the low top version of these, but when it allows you to move around well it seems to be a close to even trade if you ask me.

Low Resale Value

The high top model of the Air Jordan 1s are without a doubt the hardest to find when compared to the other two.

Now using basic economics of supply and demand makes it easy to put 2 and 2 together in realizing the mids and lows are worth less.

At the same time it should also be understood that the mids and lower have way more copies of the shoe produced.

As far as the resale value, you can only realistically find yourself making around $180 per pair of these type of sneakers.

And that’s if you get a color that’s really popular.

In fact, there’s been recent polls as soon as mid June of 2022 that Jordan 1 lows even experienced a 57 percent loss in sales, thus proving even further that sneaker heads could care less about having this type of shoe.

It still does prove to be a promising market ahead of flipping these shoes because even Stylight made the claim of Jordan 1s in general are shooting back up in resale value, with numbers as high as 1,816%!

Now that’s a number that we can all enjoy.

The NBA’s Beef With AJ1s

According to Input Mag there was once upon a time where the NBA banned the original black and red 1s, because of their white shoe dress code.

The shoe debuted in 1984 and caused plenty of controversy when they were worn by Michael Jordan.

In fact, every time he wore them he would be fined over $5000.

Of course that was pennies in comparison to his value, so they were worn without much problem.

But banning the shoe could have indeed play a role in the perception of the shoe and desire to have them at the time they were released.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what anybody thinks, these shoes are a hot item.

You can be hated (in this case the shoes) and still make sales.

At the end of the day their Jordans and it’s pretty hard to find anyone who’s a fan of fashion and the sport of basketball that would turn down a quality Jordan shoe.

What do you think though?

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