Why Are Apple Watch Bands So Expensive?

I’ll be explaining why are Apple Watch bands so expensive.

Why Are Apple Watch Bands So Expensive

The Apple Watch band is so expensive because it’s the first-party strap that comes with the original model. On top of that it also has qualities that make it unique compared to other watches. A personal favorite’s the splash and water proof design.

First-Party Strap

The original Apple Watch band is leather with stainless steel or 18-karat gold. You can actually tell the difference between a fake Apple Watch band and a fake one by the markings at the top of the band. The real one has the size displayed on the markings saying either 40 or 42 in the area. Although Apple discontinued the Modern Buckle band, you can still use any band made for the watch on any other model as long as the size is compatible. And unfortunately the bands are splash and water resistant as well. The general agreement is that the Apple Solo Loop band is the most comfortable, however the Apple Sport Loop is thought to be the most breathable. The bands made for the watches are pretty durable, so you can change them out whenever you want, it’s mainly for design. If you’re purchasing a new manufacture model and it turns out to be the wrong size Apple gas a great return and exchange policy. And if you’re taking it to a third party jeweler to be replaced you’ll find the fee ranging from five to ten dollars roughly. Also, the Solo Loop colors have variety ranging from Beige, Midnight, Rainforest, Slate Blue and Red. This watch has a life expectancy of 3-4 years.

Final thoughts

The Apple Watch may be an expensive watch, but the maintenance of the band seems pretty reasonable.

Let’s recap the main point again.

It’s band is considered so expensive because it works the same as the other Apple products that come with the original device.

The manufacture’s product is usually the most expensive when compared to the third party items.

But what do you think?

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