Why is Ghostface So Clumsy? (Explained)

I’ll be talking about why Ghostface is so clumsy.

Why is Ghostface So Clumsy?

Ghostface appears to be so clumsy because of the human qualities and characteristics he displays in the middle of his fights with his victims. It makes him much different than a supernatural figure that’s powered by unworldly energy and mysticism.

More Human/Realistic

Ghostface is meant to feel more human and realistic.

Ghostface’s ability to still be harmed and have their victims fight back relatively much easier than a supernatural figure is it.

It’s what solidifies his humanity even further.

Ghostface’s humanity has been apparent ever since the first Scream came out in 1996.

Scream DVD

If you skip to the 3 minute mark of the clip above you’ll see a Ghostface fight from the first film.

Final Thoughts

I wanted to answer this question because it’s a different type of horror icon as compared to let’s say Chucky.

This shares his humanity and shows what makes him different from fantasy.

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