Why Does My Facebook News Feed Stop Scrolling?

I’ll be answering the question “why does my Facebook news feed stop scrolling”.

Personally I think if Facebook makes the change to switching the option of scrolling to swiping it could fix things.

But we’re still in the era of scrolling so this is the problem we’re gonna talk about so let’s get into it.

Why Does My Facebook News Feed Stop Scrolling

You could be experiencing this issue for a number of different reasons. First is that you could have a buildup of cache. Next is a confusion of web browser extensions that could be messing up the interface. Another could be something as simple as a disconnected internet connection. That, or even a bad device.

How To Fix Facebook News Feed Problem

Clear the cache if you’re seeing a cycle.

It’s actually a very common occurrence on most social media platforms.

This cycle you’ll see on your device will be telling you that it’s trying to load.

We’ve talked about it before but the cache is what helps the page load faster so a quick cleanup should do the trick.

Next are your extensions.

Depending on what web browser enhancements you’re using to enjoy your time better online it could affect your feed.

Try disabling them before you try logging in or interacting on the platform.

If you’re still seeing a problem then log out.

Other than that you might want to check the connection.

It’s actually a really common problem.

And if it keeps up then get a good phone or computer.

Facebook News Feed Cache

Every social media site has some sort of news feed presence that’s designed to show its user information they may want to see.

What the cache is supposed to do is help the reader view their information faster.

Your newsfeed sends the information that’s displayed to what’s called your cache feed.

There’s also a thing called cache memory that when you break it down at face value helps improve the process of loading.

Loading the content on that page quicker specifically.

If the cache server is lost or malfunctions then it could be the reason why your feed stops loading.

New Feed Eradicator For Facebook Chrome

Did you know on the chrome web store they have an extension called News Feed Eradicator?

What it does is remove the information that would be shown on your news feed and replace it with an inspiring quote.

Without a doubt this could be a big reason you could be experiencing these news feed issues.

For sure it could prove to be a useful tool if you were to be using Facebook as a site that makes you money, independently.

But as far as this extension and ones alike it does have thousands of fans that support the use.

For example, News Feed Eradicator has its own page on Facebook with over 16k likes and followers which proves its popularity.

Bad Internet Connection Facebook Feed

You may have experienced a notice while scrolling called a connection error.

What this simply means is that your Facebook app is having trouble connecting to the internet.

Although it may say “No Internet Connection” it could very well be due to a slow internet connection instead.

If you’ve tried playing a video game with bad internet then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I did mention the app but this issue could happen on both mobile and desktop.

If you’re trying to fix this internet connection issue there’s a few things you can do to fix the problem.

We’ll get more into that on the next heading but it’s simple troubleshooting that can do to make sure everything’s good on your end.

To effectively sum it up, just make sure your data or Wi-Fi situation is taken care of before jumping to conclusions.

Facebook Feed on Bad Device

Another reason your feed could be messing up is an app that crashes your device.

A bad app could be an issue with the developers of the app or the phone itself.

A quick fix could be force closing the app and restarting it.

That could be the aftermath of having a device that’s too slow.

It can be applied to both mobile and desktop.

But if we focus on mobile it can even be due to the time and date settings being off.

Similar to just an app that crashes sometimes restarting your phone can fix the problem as well.

There’s even forums that propose the idea of a VPN that’s installed on your device being the reason your feed is whacky.

Final Thoughts

Let’s revisit our points as to why your Facebook news feed is probably messing up.

  • Buildup of cache
  • Web extensions
  • Disconnected internet
  • Bad device

Have you ever experienced this problem?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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