What Is An ENFJ Like On Social Media?

I’ll be answering what’s an ENFJ like on social media.

For you influencers on social media, content creators or anyone using social sites for money this post is especially for you.

Since I decided to go all in with content creation I found that it would be best to share info that’s useful to who can relate.

As you should know there’s a lot of ups and downs when using social media, scratch that the internet in general to push a career.

You’ll find that social media is the new business blueprint!

I suggested this topic of discussion because understanding how you function can make your experience online much easier.

Of course this is assuming you already know what the different personalities are but obviously we’re starting with ENFJ.

But without further ado let’s get into the topic.

What Is An ENFJ Like On Social Media

An ENFJ personality has A variety of interest when interacting on social media. They have a desire for creativity, often found with social influencers. They search for interesting articles with discussion provoking thought. A common preferences to watch, entertaining videos.

Reading Interesting Articles

There’s sites that are dedicated to providing you information that you’ll read all day if you could.

Literally hundreds of articles available on these social sites.

And what they have in common is the goal of connecting you with different bloggers and companies that fight for your attention.

You can find information on health, wealth, relationships and even just self care.

There’s more out there but those are the most popular topics being discussed.

One of my favorite sites that have articles ready on command in bulk is The Electric Typewriter.

As an ENFJ you probably are more likely to want a coffee while scrolling on the internet.

To enjoy your time spent on the web you should know just how in depth you can get with topics that you care about.

For example, let’s say you’re an avid science fiction book reader.

There’s forums and group pages on your favorite social sites dedicated to giving you quality reviews on books you may like.

Funniest Videos On The Internet

You can look anywhere and find plenty of mashups featuring your favorite videos on the internet.

It’s safe to say a majority of this entertainment come from YouTube.

YouTube’s been the leading content distributor for videos since the early 2000s.

But if you’re the type that prefers a list of all the best videos in recent memory then consider checking out Digital Trends.

They’ve held a pretty good list that’s been as recent as 2021.

The interesting thing about what’s considered entertaining is that the range is virtually limitless.

For example you’ll get a clip of someone falling asleep while playing a video game that goes viral.

From there you’ll also have footage of a bear spoiling a picnic someone had planned when they step away for a moment.

The point is as long as someone can see what happened as funny it can help the world see the value as well.

Desire For Creativity

Multiple Interests

Final Thoughts

These points should capture the ways ENFJs prefer to navigate through social sites.

Let’s revisit

  • Articles
  • Entertaining Videos
  • Express Creativity
  • Varied Interests

How do you like to use social media according to your personality type?

Check out this Myers-Briggs Personality test to find out what you are.

Take them often to discover if you’re changing the way you interact in person and online.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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