Why Are My Views In TikTok suddenly dropping?

I’ll be explaining why are my views in TikTok suddenly dropping.

Why Are My Views In TikTok Suddenly Dropping

There’s plenty of reasons why your views could be dropping on TikTok. For starters you could be posting too many videos at once. That or posting too frequently. There’s also A lack of engagement that could come in to play. There’s also been an issue with users being shadow banned. And lastly, it could be your videos being too long or too short.

Posting Too Many Videos On TikTok

Posting Too Frequently On TikTok

Why Is My TikTok Engagement So Low

Am I Being Shadowbanned

How Long Should A TikTok Video Be To Go Viral

Final thoughts

These explanations should shed light on why your views on TikTok are dropping.

Let’s revisit them again

  • Too many views
  • Posting frequently
  • Lack of engagement
  • Being shadow banned
  • Too long or too short of videos

If you read the post on why Instagram reels are so addictive then you should know they share the same features of TikTok.

But share your thoughts and leave a comment about what you think.

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