What Is The Kindest Personality Type?

I’ll be answering what is the kindest personality type.

What Is The Kindest Personality Type

ESFJ has one of the best reputations for being the kindest personality type although ISTJ would be a strong challenger to the claim. There’s numerous personality types that are known for many different things but there’s never really a cold cut personality type without any flaws. Each type has its pros and cons.

MBTI Personality Types

There’s 16 types of personalities, they’re INTJ, ENTP, INTP, ENFJ, ISFP, ESFJ, ISFJ, ISTJ, ESTJ, ESFP, INFJ, ENFP, ENTJ and ESTP.

Each letter of the title stands for a character trait.

For example, E is extroverted.

Depending on how you do when taking the Myers-Briggs you’ll be given a label at the end of the test that’ll look similar to what you know already.

If you take the test I provided in the earlier post you’ll get a detailed description.

Other sites that offer it may give shorter answers and that’s okay but if you want the most detailed get this.

They’re used fairly well in the MBTI Manual.

Use my link if you prefer free delivery on March 27th or as early as March 24th.

3rd Edition MBTI Manual


The ESFJ are a warm and inviting group of thinkers that care more for managing the emotions and feelings of others.

Harmony and Goodwill

You’ll often find that they’re the type to constantly be doing something for someone else to help them get where they want to go.

I can immediately think of pleasant people that fit this personality type.

If you can focus your time and effort towards this type of person present in your life do it.

People pleaser

They’re an asset that’s very hard to replace and they’re great people that’ll want to see you do well regardless.

Mistaken for always agreeing

Because they focus their energy on creating order in the room they may have an image of being “yes men.”


This type is a seemingly psychic personality with knowing what to say and often being mistaken for extroverts.

They only make up 1% of the population.

They’re extremely supportive but also cautious when dealing with people.

Creativity is another strong suit for this personality type as they tend to be good writers that could paint pictures.

With that worry comes supportiveness right behind it.

Because they’re cautious about who they get close to they also are weary of who their friends get close to as well.

Kindest Personality Types

There’s 3 personality types that are known for being the kindest out of the 16 and they’re ESFJ, INFJ and ISFP.

ISTJ Compatibility

The ISTJ personality is known to be highly compatible with the likes of ESFP’s and ESTP’s.

Pros And Cons Of Personality Tests

The Meyers Briggs personality tests are pretty accurate but there’s situations in where they’re more appropriate than others.

Final Thoughts

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