Why Is INFJ One Of The Rarest Personality Types?

I’ll be answering why is INFJ one of the rarest personality types.

Why Is INFJ One Of The Rarest Personality Types

Society makes it hard for them to be themselves. It might have something to do with the fact that they only make up less than 5% of the entire population but their rarity is noted. They’re a hybrid type that mixes multiple personality traits. With a quiet and reserved attitude that’s complimented with a morally driven compass it’s easy to see why it’s hard to come across these people.

Population of INFJ

The INFJ personality type is one that’s without a doubt a minority when compared to the others with only 1-3% represented.

Matter of fact it’s one of the least common personality types out of the rest.

The stats for the rest of the personalities are as followed:

  • ISFJ – 13.8%
  • ESFJ – 12%
  • ISTJ – 11.6%
  • ISFP – 8.8%
  • ESTJ – 8.7%
  • ESFP – 8.5%
  • ENFP – 8.1%
  • ISTP – 5.4%
  • INFP – 4.4%
  • ESTP – 4.3%
  • INTP – 3.3%
  • ENTP – 3.2%
  • ENFJ – 2.5%
  • INTJ – 2.1%
  • ENTJ – 1.8%

These were stats that I was able to find handily thanks to Personality Max and they confirm the claims about INFJ.

Mixed Personalities In INFJ

The INFJ personality is known to have a combination of distinct personalities into one to increase it’s rarity.

Morality Of INFJ

INFJs are known for having a strong sense of morality while also having a stronger than black and white view of the topic.

Why Are INFJs So Quiet

INFJs are feeling based personality types that withdraw under stress taking a careful approach in what they say with people.

Final Thoughts

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