Why Is Persistence Important To Entrepreneurs?

I’ll be answering why is persistence important to entrepreneurs.

This post is inspired by the late and great Maya Angelou for women’s history month, and after a strong black history month too.

She was someone that was known as a persistent woman that pushed the envelope to get the results she wanted.

And with her being a fellow ENFJ as myself I felt it would be appropriate to make an article around one of her strengths.

This post and similar ones can be found on the business page.

Why Is Persistence Important To Entrepreneurs

Makes your business more likely to succeed. It allows you as an entrepreneur to feed your creative side and bring the vision to reality. Persistence helps you learn and move on from building points. With a close relation to personal development it allows you to have a gamified approach in achieving success through measurement.

Feed your creativity and vision

Learn and move on

Link to personal growth

Success through measurement

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