Why Is Dog Boarding So Expensive?

I’ll be answering why is dog boarding so expensive.

Why Is Dog Boarding So Expensive

The prices of Dog services can range anywhere from $15-$300. Depending on the responsibilities you put on your provider can make a difference in your care. However there are alternatives to these overnight services that’s likely being provided in your area.

Prices Vary

Depending on where you have your pet stay can impact your cost.

A good service that’s known to treat your dog is Central Bark USA.

It depends on the expectations that you have with facilities.

Alternatives To Overnight Facilities

This should allow you to have some options than rather going straight to a possibly over priced establishment.

  • Hire a house sitter.
  • Go with a neighborly person you trust to do an occasional check in with your dog.
  • Find a location with plenty of open land that offers a service.
  • Consider choosing a kennel
  • High Tech The Home for remote care

Most dog and pet sitters will charge anywhere up to $400 a week for overnight care of your member of the family.

That could be too much of an expense for your pup and you might be considering leaving your canine at home overnight.

I think it’s irresponsible because of the stress it could cause your dog but if you do ask a favor from a friend to do a check up.

Also, consider going the kennel route for your animal’s care.

It’s also considered a safe place to leave your pet while you’re away.

However you might even be in the situation where you decide a boarding lodge is in your budget but you still want to save.

There’s technology of course that could help automate your dog’s care while you’re away.

There’s an automatic feeder in fact by furbo.

It has LEDs that are used to indicate it’s ability to function.

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  2. Thank you for explaining why dog boarding can be so expensive and offering alternative options for pet owners. It’s helpful to know that there are different choices available depending on individual needs and preferences.

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