What Causes Tangled Knots In a Dog’s Fur?

I’ll be answering what causes tangled knots in dog’s fur.

What Causes Tangled Knots In a Dog’s Fur

Tangled knots can happen with a dog from poor hygiene related issues such as dirty fur, lack of baths, fleas and many other problems. These tangled fur fiascos can lead to dead skin that piles up. If it gets worse than your initial look then it could turn into “mats.”

Poor Hygiene

Dead Skin Mixes

Developed Mats

2 responses to “What Causes Tangled Knots In a Dog’s Fur?”

  1. Yes
    Great post on the causes of tangled knots in a dog’s fur! I found it very informative. I’m curious, do you have any tips on how to prevent these issues from happening in the first place? Thanks for sharing!
    A Walsh

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    1. I’ll look into it and update you with future plans on this topic.


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