Why do some dogs watch tv and others don’t?

I’ll be answering why do some dogs watch tv and others don’t.

Why Do Some Dogs Watch TV And Others Don’t

Some dogs prefer watching tv shows over others because they’re actually just like humans when it comes to entertainment. There’s some that focus more on smells rather than visuals though. It’s mainly dependent on the personality and type of breed when it comes to your animal.

What Movies Do Dogs Like To Watch

Because dogs can see the same way as humans do when watching tv there’s likewise shows that they like as well.

They prefer movies that have other animals in it.

Lassie, Old Yeller, White Fang and even Call of The Wild would be sure to work.

Pets Pyjamas have a top 10 dog film selection that I recommend you review if you want more examples.

I personally had a good watch with my late dog with Planet Earth.

It’s got plenty of different animals that yours probably never seen.

Check it out if you’re willing to try something different.

Planet Earth

Personality and breed type

Some are more focused on smells than visuals

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