What Happens When You Like Your Own Post On Facebook?

I’ll be answering what happens when you like your own post on Facebook.

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What Happens When You Like Your Own Post On Facebook

Liking your own post on Facebook gives your account a little nudge for lack of better terms in engagement. Although it goes against some norms in terms of what’s deemed cool or being normal on social media it gets results. What’s the problem with keeping your friends in the loop with what you have going on?

Nudge In Engagement

The goal for this is to earn some likes from your following whether they’re actual friends or followers that like your content.

There’s numerous reasons as to why likes are a good thing for a platform but this article by Vice explains pretty well.

Here’s Why People Actually ‘Like’ Your Posts on Facebook

Goes Against Some Norms

Alert Friends You Posted

Final Thoughts

Sure there’s jokes that make fun of users that like their own status.

There’s actually funny ones out there.

But seriously if you’re like me that uses Facebook for future business then it’s at least best to practice good habits right?

It kick starts the engagement that you’ll be looking to build when building your audience.

There’s people that might be critical and even tease you about it but that’s okay because they’re just on a different time.

And you care about sharing messages that your friends would appreciate so the least you can do is push it to them.

2 responses to “What Happens When You Like Your Own Post On Facebook?”

  1. I would say if you like your own stuff you most definitely love yourself enough to appreciate your own content which would initially mean your audience is more than likely at some point going to sky rocket, the ones who only compare themselves to who they were the day before are the best ones

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