What Were The Flaws Of Curse Of Chucky (4 Points Explained)

I’ll be explaining what were the flaws of Curse of Chucky.

What Were The Flaws Of Curse Of Chucky

It lacks character development in a sense that it introduces new people to the story but we only really care about one person. Fiona Douriff as Nica is that character but appears to be overacting due to bad material she’s left with. Overall it’s a fun movie for fans of the earlier movies but if you’re able to tolerate this film then you’ll want to watch Cult as well.

Why is a lack of character growth considered a negative criticism in a story or movie?

Overall this film lacked character development for the characters we’re introduced to at a surface level for the film.

That’s a problem because it can leave us as the viewers frustrated with a piece of a puzzle feeling stagnant.

Nica’s Overacting

This point is actually tied in pretty closely to the last because it’s dependent on the rest of the cast.

Cult Of Chucky Explained

This is a very enjoyable film in the franchise in comparison to the previous 6.

The acting has a big improvement from the last picture.

This will prove to be a pleasant surprise for anyone following because of the bad rep attached to straight to dvd releases.

My Overall Review

It’s a good movie in terms of revival for a beloved horror icon to extend the story further but it can be better.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next post.

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