What Gives Your Life Meaning And Purpose? (4 Personal Reasons)

I’ll be answering what gives my life meaning and purpose.

What Gives Your Life Meaning And Purpose

Feeling good is a major reason I wake up every day excited about life. It helps having a strong support system that wants to see me do well in life, so they’re a big motivator as well. I also have the luxury of discovering my talents for music which plays a role in my enthusiasm for the future. All in all I think creating is what ultimately makes me happy.

To Feel Good

Feeling good is the reason most people want to live life and that applies to me as well.

It might sound basic but if we break it down then it’s easy to see why this concept is something that motivates many.

Without trying to get into pseudoscience too deep I still want to acknowledge the importance of identifying this feeling.

More importantly how it’s necessary to find and continue creating this feeling in order to keep going.

Now there’s many different motivations that you can argue which makes you happy and that’s really on you to be aligned with it.

However with me I personally feel good when I help others feel the same way.

It’s usually done for people that share the same interests and hobbies that I do because it’s agreed that it gives us both enjoyment.

If you’re looking for some possible things that could help you enjoy life more then feel free to check out my about me page.

I share a few things on an even more personal level that I like and why I do which may even persuade you to check out too.

Give it a look if that interests you.

My Support System

Like most people that find joy in life and have motivation to do anything worthwhile, I find it in the people that support me.

Now I could get cliche and say it’s family or friends and it’s true but only partially.

I really get the inspiration to do this thanks to you reading this.

If you’re here I’ll assume that you’re a supporter of my articles.

I specifically want to acknowledge the 195 followers of this blog that consistently showed me with likes, comments and views.

I’m someone without a family of my own for the time being but I treat the faithfuls here the way I would if I had one.

Because I’ve gotten great feedback and a few surface level (yet meaningful) relationships with a few users I greatly value it.

With that comes the fuel that I personally desire to get up every day and make something that positively impacts you all.

Gratitude plays a big role in meaning for my life and I’m just grateful to have this opportunity to use my words to impact.

That reason alone gives me purpose and meaning to continue doing this.

The Music I Make

I’ve been very vocal about my aspirations for music for a little while now.

I’ve been musically inclined since my early childhood years and it really started to blossom in my later years of high school.

Honestly I messed around with the music and made a bunch of songs without any methods in mind but it’s changed.

I’m confident in saying that it’s changed for the better by the way.

I decided to take a more professional approach in how I go about making it.

And maybe it’s wrong to put it that way but I definitely have more focus with the way I create.

I have multiple articles on ways different artists create since I have a much more optimistic view of music now.

Feel free to check out some of my sample work and opinion on music related topics on the music page as well.

Creation Is The Goal

Creating is a big thing in common that’s shared by people who have a motivation to live life.

I share that belief as well.

I went to a high school that was based off of an acronym called PBL which stands for project based learning.

The franchised school was called New Tech Network and they’re located all across the United States.

I believe myself and the rest of my student body graduated with skills that cultivate a creation mindset with solving problems.

Some of the skills we learned was creating our own videos.

It made school and life in general more exciting because we were actually creating things instead of only doing paperwork.

Ever since that experience it transferred over to interests in other areas of my life as well.

I’m sure you’ll find it even more clear in the rest of the content you find on the site too.

Final Thoughts

  • Feeling good
  • My loved ones
  • The music I make
  • To create

To learn more about me and who I am exactly just click here.

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