What Is My Favorite Song Of All Time? (4 Points After The Reveal)

I’ll be answering what is my favorite song of all time.

I’m actually going to give you a hint by sharing early on that it’s one of my personally made songs.

If you remember my post on the meaning to life you’ll remember I shared feeling good and making music does it for me.

But without further ado let’s get into it.

What Is My Favorite Song Of All Time

My favorite song of all time that I made is Troubleshoot. It shows my unapologetically nerdy side when it comes to knowledge of technology. Also it creatively reveals my approach to fixing problems associated with the tech I consume. Video games, Wi-fi routers and even computer accessories (amongst other things).


Snippet of the song.

This is my latest release.

Check out the lyrics here.

I’ve released other songs in the past but this has a copyright free beat provided from a website I like called FreeBeats.

Go figure I went the free route, but it’s still useful for new and seasoned artists despite the stigma of getting things without a cost.


I’ve been a tech fanatic and I wanted to use this song to communicate that message.

That’s why I’ve used so many references to different digital items.

Fixing Common Problems Associated

The title was meant to let you know what to expect when you hear this song.

Obviously the expectation was to get examples of how to troubleshoot exactly.

NFTs, Computer Accessories And Digital Things

I’m a noob (is what you would call it) when it comes to NFT’s and a few of the other things I referenced in the track.

Although my knowledge is limited I still have the desire to learn more and eventually obtain these things in the future.

Favorite Song FAQs

What are your top 3 songs of all time?

One of the go to songs that could be added to this short list is Ben E. King’s Stand By Me.

I have a special appreciation for that song after having a special rendition get shared of it by one of my high school teachers.

It worked out to have this some get shared with the class because it was around the time we studied the Harlem Renaissance.

It’s had a big impact on my entire family tree because they all can remember where they were at when it was most popular.

Back in 2014 when I had a family reunion it took place in Memphis Tennessee and I was able to experience a mural for King.

I put this particular song on the same pedestal as a Try a Little Tenderness or Always and Forever.

This edition can be found here and they have other versions as well you can check out too.

Final Thoughts

I’m trusting this reveal is dated reasonably soon because I enjoy making music plain and simply put.

Let’s review it all.

  • Troubleshoot is my favorite song I created so far
  • There’s heavy technology references
  • I share the common approaches I take to fix problems with most tech
  • I’m interested in upgrading my electronics

To purchase the full song click here.

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