Troubleshoot Lyrics

Chances are you stole a NFT, inadvertently.

Vice support my statement.

It might be fraud, 80% might be.

Maybe you’ll get sued without that paper with a court decree.

Better learn what “minting” is.

My platform just alerted me.

I’m burning up like third degree.

That “no” word means way more to me.

If I put it in her guts I bet she’ll scream out that it’s hurting me

Steinhafel’s who furnished me

I helped her beat adversity.

Give the job to me and I could get that shit done certainly.

Back then I was down

but now I’m up on who deserted me.

Switched to wired mode, if you want to see shit perfectly.

Heard you lose connections.

All they really do is worship me.

Those gigahertz at “fifth of power.”

Who keeps interrupting me?

My router stands up vertically.

Choppers perform surgery.

Open up, to “see inside.”

All I got is herbal tea.

My rhymes are like hyperboles.

I’m moving “irreversibly.”

If I die today, at least I’ll live for an eternity.

“All” my brothers got my back.

We’re tight as a fraternity.

Only links I care to know are ones that’s plugged externally.

Firmware might be out of date.

Wi-Fi change picked up the pace.

Those drivers you kept in that box, works better if you changed the case.

That Bluetooth might just be the problem.

Signals might get crossed today.

Told you, what I do to beats.

I’m Chucky, call this Child’s Play.

Niggas ain’t the only one

That know to take the harder way.

I’ll say that shit again.

That I’m a baller, Penny Hardaway.

I’m who paved the starter way.

My niggas shoot the larger K’s.

Wanna get in tune?

Then all you gotta do is start to pay.

Reddit got the step by step,

And I do, when I speak that.

His shit always dying, cuz of next gen haptic feedback.

Rest mode fucked her USB.

And, that’s just what it’s got to be.

Dualsense needs some newer shit.

You’re lucky that that shit was free.

Austin Powers (villain nigga).

baby niggas (mini me)

She just might like MK8

Her pussy tell her “finish” me

I’m on top of game

And when I say that, I mean literally

(Lauryn Hill) she’s killing me

My crip walk just might earn a B

Coldest girl I ever met in college name was Trellini.

Speak on what you really know,

But niggas know they feeling me.

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