Do You Get Paid For Views On Instagram Reels? (Answered)

I’ll be answering the question do you get paid for views on Instagram reels.

Do You Get Paid For Views On Instagram Reels

Yes it’s possible to get paid. They have a program called a bonus payout that allows creators to monetize their reels. The only catch is that you have to reach a certain minimum before you’re allowed to cash out. It’s easy to both reach the requirement to earn and see why some users like this perk of IG as opposed to Tik Tok.

Instagram Reels Bonus Eligibility

You’re going to want to be original and create your own reel in order to be considered for a bonus payout.

In order to start earning you have to first register a business account with the platform.

Also, you have to earn over 1,000 views cumulatively over the course of 30 days to be eligible.

Even Facebook has a page that explains the process pretty well for what you have to do to be set.

The consistent earners that rely on this section of IG to make money find themselves earning anywhere from 1K to five figures.

It’s important to consider this because it adds yet another way to make money from the platform on top of my secret way!

How To Cash Out

Alternative To Tik Tok

It’s Considered Easy To Do

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