Do People Still Collect Yu-Gi-Oh Cards? (3 Points Addressed)

I’ll be answering do people still collect Yu-gi-oh cards.

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Do People Still Collect Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Yes. Each card in the trading game has a specific value and each one can vary greatly. Most decks are actually built around collector’s models that mimic the anime. The difference between one card from another is huge! It can make the difference from making a few bucks and several thousand. If you’re looking to get started there’s a selection of booster boxes that provide a good start.

Select The Theme Of Your Deck

There’s over 300 different archetypes that make up the card game.


If you’re wondering what this is exactly it’s the type of monster you’re dealing with.

You may have a spellcaster based around the Dark Magician name or GaGaGa archetype name that makes you a cowboy.

They range and have them in many different shapes and forms.


With over 126 cards at your disposal to build a deck around the highly popular Blue-Eyes archetype makes it appealing.

Dark Magician

This is probably the most iconic card set with plenty of cards that support the summoning of a Dark Magician type card.

Practice as Much As Possible

Playing against yourself has been known to make you a better duelist.

Requires 2 Different Decks

You’re using this method to strengthen one deck over another which demands separate cards.

You can practice with 2 different starter decks to get the feel of practicing by yourself.

The goal is to have a response against any set of moves a deck may have against yours in the future.

Try a Simulator

There’s plenty of games out in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise that allow players to simulate a deck of their choice in a battle.

There’s a few good games to try if you’d like to try this route.

Duel Master

Duel master is the most sophisticated and innovative card game I played in a while.

There’s an array of different cards that resurrect your old school favorite cards and introduce them to new types.

This game allows the summoning of links, XYZs, Synchros and Fusions all across the board.

Give it a try if you want to get started.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Masters

You can even add me if you like.


Duel Links

Duel Links is another highly reviewed simulator with many players across the map.

It’s a free game that you can download on Android, and with millions of active duelists!

iPhone users can also get it here by clicking the link below.

App Store: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collecting FAQs

What is the average age of Yu-Gi-Oh players?

Most players are in their 20’s.

They can start anytime really but it’s most common from 15 all the way to mid 20 (24-25).

The game’s only been around for the last 24 years so it’s still pretty new as far as having established legends in the game.

How Many Active Players Does Yu-Gi-Oh have?

The fan base had a huge jump to start off 2023 with an 8,000 gain in players to make over 26k.

That’s only for players on Master Duel by the way.

It’s estimated that there’s over 300,000 active card players that play in tournaments.

The guess behind it’s popularity around Magic, another card game with an even larger community than Yu-Gi-Oh.

How popular is Yu-Gi-Oh Compared To Pokémon?

Pokémon is an arguably more popular card game with more valuable cards.

It’s game run is unprecedented but if you ask me Yu-Gi-Oh has the better card game.

The level up system in Pokémon made it’s blueprint for its games so easy to repeat with expected good turnouts each time.

How Much Money Does a Yu-Gi-Oh Player Make?

There’s esports clubs that host tournaments in where players average a few thousand per game.

These were only earnings from Duel Links and their top 5 ranged from $1,500-$2800.

There’s physical tournaments with cash prizes across the country.

Although they’re few it does happen but most pro players make little to nothing with their high skills.

How Many Cards Are In Yu-Gi-Oh Currently?

There’s a thin margin of distance with the official card game and the trading card game with 12,456 to 11,145.

There’s cards that make banned lists and are constantly being debated on whether their existence is too OP.

Many of the original cards that started the series off are a good portion of the banned bunch that makes the list.

Final Thoughts

This game is still widely popular and has plenty of fans that still collect and trade the cards.

It’s important to follow these steps when you decide to collect and build a deck of your own in the game.

  • Pick An Archetype
  • Practice as much as possible
  • Use a Simulator to sharpen skills in the game

See you on the next post!

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