Where Did You Take a Trip? (Revealed)

I’ll be sharing where I took my last trip.

Although I had plenty of things to keep me busy I decided to take my first trip in 2023.

There was plenty to share and talk about during my 3 night/4day stay.

Let’s get into it.

Where Did You Take a Trip

My last trip brought me to the Wisconsin Dells at Mount Olympus. They had plenty of different attractions to entertain the entire family. They host the first ever rotating water slide in Medusa that takes place in an equally impressive indoor water park. There’s also an Indoor Theme park that was a blast and 2 personal favorite spots in Pizza Pub and Monk’s.


This is actually one of the main attractions for visitors in the dells area.

It has adults and children talking about how fun it is which was a surprise to me.

It was expected for the kids to see this slide as the coolest thing ever, but it was impressive to see elders excited to ride it too.

It’s worth adding that I went on this 3 times and had fun every time.

I might have been a little over dramatic the first time but then you know what to expect and only enjoy each session.

Pizza Pub

Pizza Pub was better off just being our sponsor with how much they served us.

They have a variety of different dishes to where you’re gonna want a full week to go through it all to say you tried it all.

Every night included pizza but it also included really fresh garden salad, pasta, spaghetti and other plates too!

It’s a really refreshing meal to have after a few hours in the pool and sight seeing.

We decided to go with this place instead of a traditional Dominoes or Pizza Hut because of how close it was to the water park.

Monk’s Bar and Grill

This was yet another area of dining that was available in the area of Lake Delton.

It’s on broadway amongst a variety of different stores that make up the street and is inviting as soon as you step in.

The bar end is the area you enter and have the option of sitting amongst booths or average dining tables.

The only catch is that you see a TV with a sports event anywhere on the screen.

You get the feeling of togetherness in sports when you have plenty of teams to watch and support.

Indoor Theme Park

The indoor theme park at Mt. Olympus was one of the underrated attractions that they had at the resort.

As soon as you walk in you get access to a free back nine mini golf area next to a ticket redeeming booth.

Further inside there’s a rock climbing wall, other arcade games, and much more!

Final Thoughts

The spots that made my stay at the Dells were:

  • Medusa
  • Pizza Pub
  • Monk’s Bar and Grill
  • Indoor Theme Park

These were all fun additions to the quality of my time there.

The walking is convenient for most areas because I like to joke and call it a mini Vegas in a way.

There’s entertainment at every turn and it has its own strip of activities for all ages.

The only thing that I would do differently is modify my way of carrying things around when walking most places.

Specifically I would have a Hero Neck Wallet.

Hero Neck Wallet

This bag has proved to be a reliable commodity to have when traveling and walking activities during your stay.

3 responses to “Where Did You Take a Trip? (Revealed)”

  1. Ooh that pizza looks great.

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    1. The picture makes it look way better but it was good for the most part 👍🏾

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      1. Glad it was still good even if it wasn’t great.

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