How To Make a YuGiOh Deck With Random Cards? (4 Points)

I’ll be answering how to make a yugioh deck with random cards.

How To Make a yugioh Deck With Random Cards

Never have a deck with too many random cards. That robs you the chance of causing important combos to happen that’ll help you win the game. Depending on the amount of cards you have available you’ll be able to build a decent deck. Try getting booster packs of your type of monsters you want in your deck for a great head start on your opponents.

Miss out On Combos

You’re going to want a deck that’s filled with a good combination that works well with each other to be effective.

Combos are the sequence of effects that happen when using spells, traps or monster effects in the game.

Combos in theory can happen as soon as the game starts depending on the type of hand you draw.

A combo can happen either on your turn or in the middle of your opponent’s.

On top of that example these combos can also happen amongst monster effects, secluded spells or even all traps.

The right combo can make the difference in momentum for a duel or even decide the winner off of it when it happens.

The Amount Of Cards

You as a duelist will want a pile of cards to go through when building your deck to give you options.

There’s been a ton of YouTube videos that show people building decks out of 100 cards or 200.

It’s interesting because these are the only 2 margins that I could find and it was only those amounts.

To play it safe I’d go with the 200 count because they offer full sets with that count.

You can get a set on Amazon for a reasonable price.

The sooner you get a decent amount of cards, the sooner you’ll also be able to build a deck based on what you have.

Acquire Booster Packs

You’re gonna want to narrow down what type of booster packs you’ll want when building a deck.

There’s a variety of boxes that you can get to build the deck that fits you best.

They range from the latest cards that get released to even the traditional cards that were released when the manga was.

The prices also range from $42 roughly to a hefty sum of 5 figures that go as high as $42,000.

Decide What Type Of Deck

To expand more on the booster boxes, what it does when collecting them is help you narrow down what type of deck you have.

The cool thing about the way the game is designed is that you can specialize your deck down to the type and even attribute.

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