What Made Broly Hate Goku? (5 Reasons Explained)

I’ll be explaining what made Broly hate Goku.

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Feel free to give that a look but let’s talk Broly.

We’ve now seen that Goku’s a walking trigger that rages Broly every time he sees him.

Let’s look a what made Broly hate him.

What Made Broly Hate Goku

Broly had memories of Goku as a baby that had a great impact on his perception of him as an adult too. When you look at what the Saiyan race expected from their warriors, it was a miracle that either were born. In the DBZ films and Super: Broly his reason was kept the same and made cannon. There’s even theories that it’s just his primal Saiyan instincts as well. It’s up for discussion.

Memories as a Baby

According to SportsKeeda users shared the thought of Broly keeping his hatred for Goku since a baby.

Goku would have rage episodes while at the same time sharing a crib next to Broly’s.

It was easy to understand that it was reasonable enough to ask why or even how Broly’s able to remember since a baby.

According to forum members on Kazenshuu it’s that Saiyans are actually taught to remember everything from birth.

For Broly was torture.

It’s a mystery still about whether Bio-Broly is a being that remembers Goku as well since he was revived through technology.

But rest assured that every signal that reminds him of the other Saiyan triggers him to an unimaginable rage.

Saiyans Expectations For Their Warriors

The Saiyans had an expectation that depending on your blood line determines if you’ll be a great warrior.

This explains enough about why Vegeta has as much belief in himself when fighting most fighters.

But as for Goku at birth Broly was expected to be a strong warrior.

It was confirmed that Broly was born with a power level of 10,000 which understandably was a shock to everyone aware of him.

Goku however didn’t care about anything relating to anyone’s power which Broly actually feared.

It was a triangle of fear that ended with Goku.

Same Reason For Hatred In Both Movies

Despite our previous post about his impact on both movies for the entire series, there’s still fans that wanted a better movie.

From there they released Dragon Ball Super Super Hero.

Fans were tired of seeing a recycling of villains already done in the series.

What Togashi did was create more of an entertaining what-if scenario.

Cell Max is the villain in this film if you’re aware.

I’m more interested as a fan to see Moro’s Story turned into a film and maybe even consider using a completely different foe.

Possible Saiyan Instincts

Dragon Ball Guru suggests that there’s even more to Broly’s natural hatred for Goku coming from his possible Saiyan instincts.

They fear anything that’s an imminent threat to them in the future.

Because Goku was fearless and didn’t understand the difference in power level made him something Broly feared.

It gets repeated often in the first Dragon Ball Z non-canon movie introducing him.

Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan

Final Thoughts

Broly has a clash of personalities that partially excuses or at least keep an understanding view of his character.

Let’s look at the reasons he hated Goku again:

  • His memories as a baby
  • Saiyan training and beliefs of stronger opponents
  • His motivation wanted to remain the same in both series’ movies
  • Natural Saiyan Insticts

It’s great to appreciate Broly’s power but I am sure that fans would like a villain that’s a little more fresh and new.

We got an interesting follow-up with Super: Super Hero, but there’s more to be made.

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