Does Yu Yu Hakusho Continue In The Manga? (4 Points Explained)

I’ll be answering does Yu Yu Hakusho continue in the manga.

Does Yu Yu Hakusho Continue In The Manga

Yu Yu Hakusho is finished without any chance of it returning sometime in the future by Togashi. If you’re aware of both subs and dubs then you’ll notice that there’s a slight difference. In the manga alone it has its main differences in the beginning and near the end.

Is It Finished?

Where To Watch?

The Manga and The Anime

How Does It End?

Final Thoughts

These points should address any thoughts you may on the continuation of Yu Yu Hakusho.

  • Togashi has no plans on continuing the manga or anime in any way after it ended.
  • The show was actually picked up by a lot of different streaming platforms, making it a top tier series.
  • We’ve learned that the anime ends in a different way than the manga.
  • It was ended in a way that satisfies fans as far as a happy ending would be expected to be.

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